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…SO it has been quite some time since I have blogged.  I have been asked by so many people, why I have not had any new posts up and I say, well it has been quite a year!  I do feel better when many other vendors have admitted that they can get crazy behind on their blogs…it is because they are working so much they literally have not time and always working on the next project!  Still, no excuses why it has been this long, but I pride myself in always keeping it real and will always continue to do so.

      This last year was amazing.  I was able to work with so many amazing people and was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of some awesome shoots.  As many vendors also know, I did have to split my time with another job and will admit it was hard to juggle at times but I made it happen.  Along with that, I was starting to see a change in what I was being needed for.  I had lots of fun, unique pieces but many brides were needing many more quantities of them.  I completely understood this but I loved having my eclectic mix of props and was noticing I was getting more and more inquiries to do style shoots…which I loved!  It was such a fun way to be absolutely creative and collaborate with other vendors.  Even though I was renting props I was also always up for styling and it was a natural thing because whenever I bought a new piece, I would come up with so many ideas on how to use it!  I started to get asked to not only bring my props but to help style as well.  The more I did it, the more I was knowing this is what I meant to do!  

I love this journey that I have been on the past 2 years and will continue to just see where it goes… I admit I am a true “Creative-Romantic at heart”.  I still of course have my awesome and funky props and some (that are not even on the site) have never been used…I liked the idea of having some under the radar to keep for special projects ha!  I am a lover of fashion and all things home decor and plan to keep stepping out of the box and cannot wait to see what this year will bring or projects I will be a part of!



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