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  • May10th

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    I am SO excited to be posting this shoot today!!!  I have always loved  Victor Sizemore ’s work and was so thrilled to be able to style his mentor workshop this year!  When he told me he wanted to go for 1920′s Paris glamor, my heart may have skipped a beat a little as I am obsessed with this era!  He also wanted to have a throwback to the old fashioned boudoir  shoots that took place in the 1920′s (I will feature in my next post)… I could not wait to get started!  I went everywhere in search of the perfect dress for the outside portion of the shoot.  I did not want to go with just the flapper dress (though I love)… I was looking for a showstopper.  I finally stumbled upon this amazing vintage white feather dress and fell in love with it immediately.  Our model Sarah Scott was so perfect for this dress and with her dancing background she knew how to work it well!  I also added in a vintage necklace that I had Amelia add in as a head piece to add a little drama.  In the end it was cool to see everyone’s take on the shoot… below are a few of my favorite shots of our first model Sarah from the photographers!  Please make sure to check out their websites to see all of the amazing photos!

    I had Victor squeeze in a quick shot here and am just in love with this image…


























    Gwendolyn Tundermann captured the playfulness of the dress so good!  I also threw in my own vintage green ring for this shot…



    Loved this head shot taken by Ann Oleinik












    Thank you to the amazing team who worked together on this shoot!!!!  I will posting more on the workshop in the next few days so please check back!

    Victor Sizemore Photography


    Amelia Cline-Cooper
    Hair and Make-up


    Sarah Scott

    Danielle Wyszomirski



  • September13th

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    Fall is just around the corner and I cannot wait!  Just for fun I thought I would share some stuff I am looking forward to:


    First off… my favorite show: New Girl.  I also just LOVE Zoe.


    Leggings, booties and blazers…need I say more?!


    I NEED to find these pants!  I am loving all things sparkly these days…


    Red lips…






  • October12th

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    This engagement shoot was taken a little while ago, but as the craziness that has been for the past few months… I will always catch up!  This session was shot by one of the sweetest photographers : Nicole Benitez .  She told me it was going to take place at the beach and she wanted me to come up with some fun items to help style it.  We both agreed that bright colors would be fun and I instantly thought of making a bouquet of old school lollipop. I added a couple other more pieces and of course with the great background of the beach and the beautiful couple Shawna and Jeff…a very cute engagement shoot!  Here are a few of my favs and for more check out Nicole’s blog!

    Above:  This is my favorite shot!  The material necklace was also from me…one of my favorite finds.

    I love frames as you see often… the yellow color just pops!

    Nicole did such a great job at capturing this tender moment… and I always love black and white.  Nicole, thank you for letting me style this shoot!


  • September18th

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    Speaking of shoes… I just got these in!  (size 8).


  • September17th

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    Since I was not able to be there the day of the shoot, I was not able to see all the photos taken.  I asked Edmund Prieto (who set up the session) to see more photos and I was so excited when I saw this shot!  I LOVE bright shoes and Desiree Shuey , who took this photo made them stand out!  Thank you Desiree that is what I wanted when I had her bring those shoes…


  • July12th

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    About a month ago, I got a call from Regis to help him style a baby shoot.  He has such a great style, and his attention to detail is amazing!  I was very excited to work with him and incorporate my props of course!  Instantly I wanted to use my large frames, I was picturing the baby inside the frame, like art.  It is funny how you have a vision and then how it evolves so I always bring more stuff then I need in case I get more ideas during the shoot.  I had wanted to use my Tiffany boxes in some sort of way and also brought jewelry too to maybe drape on her somehow.  As we lay ed baby Capryce in the middle of the frame I saw it all come together and added in the boxes and spread the jewelry around her, her mom (my friend Tracey) and I got a little excited as we agreed she looked so cute and girly!  Then Tracey thought of a great idea to add her wedding rings on top of the Tiffany boxes and it was such a great personal touch!  I also had these great black tin letters that I attached to a white frame and this shot was a little harder to get as Capryce was wide awake and moving!  It was great to get the experience to work with a baby and I learned that we are definitely on their time haha!  Thanks to Regis who was so great to work with and his patience to get that perfect shot!  Also to Tracey and Clint, great parents and friends who let me work with the adorable Capryce!

  • May27th

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    I am planning on adding a “Stuff you Wear” section on my props page!  I only have a few pieces and some I am saving for special projects but depending on the response, I do plan to acquire more!  I love details and sometimes just a simple piece can make a picture even better.  I will have the new section up very soon!  This is a quick shot from my iphone using one of the stylish backdrop boards that is also available to rent!