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  • Vintage Chair
  • June25th

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    I have a problem:  I am obsessed with chairs.  I don’t know how to stop the madness except to just admit the fact that I can never have too many!  Check out my new additions….

  • April23rd

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    When founder of  No One Without Gaston Javurek contacted me to use some of my props and help direct a shoot for his new for purpose apparel company … I was more then ecstatic!  It was for a great cause and I was excited to get a chance to help direct of course!  It was quite a challenging day as we had to chase the rain… but then we were loving it as it added such a cool contrast in the final pictures!  Gotta love those amazing accidents.  Photos were all shot by Nick Holmes…he rocked!  Kelli Dunavant, No One Without’s COO and stylist got all the awesome wardrobe together  and worked with me to coordinate what we wanted to shoot. I want to thank our amazing models as well, braving the rain…and making my job easy!

    Both wing back chairs are mine (they are not pictured on my site).


    I LOVED these shots!  The sky looked so amazing too.  Chairs are mine but the bike was not…though I wished it was!

    This guys mustasche was insane!  And yes it is real…

    I had some fun with this shot.  I threw in some old windows (circa 40′s)…

    …one of the last shots of the day!  I was so in love with all the fall leaves…everyone had so much fun as you can see…no fake smiles necessary .


  • August1st

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    I met the very sweet Raymona at a wine event in Ladera Ranch, where she was the photographer.  After chatting a few times we narrowed down some items and I was lucky enough to help out on the day of the shoot!  She wanted to have a fun “Love shoot” but wanted to spice it up a bit.  So she added a second guy to “fight” for the girl’s attention…hope you enjoy…

    Above: Lillian, Matt and Jeromy.

    Above: Does Matt know he may have some competition?

    Not to worry Matt… looks like Lillian made her choice.  This is my favorite shot and thank you to Raymona for catering to my quirky ideas!  I knew it would be a tough shot because of the camera wanting to focus on the frame but in the end I still loved that we shot through the frame and we can see them in the distance!

    These are some great detail shots towards the end of the day.  I saw some interesting plants near us and grabbed a few and thought they would look so cute in my vintage green bottles.  You may see me use frames a lot but I don’t care… I LOVE them!  I placed a couple of frames in the bushes and liked how it added more depth to the shot.

    All is fair in love and war.

    Just for fun.  Check out more photos on kingston19photography.

  • June15th


    As I am STILL covered in blue spray paint, I just could not wait to post about my new chairs I made inspired by one of my favorite stores Anthropologie!  I came across the chairs at a flea market and they were in pretty bad shape.  I wish I shot a before picture of them, then you could have really seen the transformation.  Luckily I saw the chair’s potential and new I wanted to go really bright on the color and choose a great fabric that was not so “done”.  The first step was to restructure the chairs (I had 2 of them) since they were a little weak.  Then I worked on the chair pads and WOW did these chairs get cover a lot!  See below:

    Lets talk about how tacky most of the fabric was!  Whew, so glad I saved these poor chairs.  Then when I took off all the covers, I saw the tag and was so surprised to find out that these chairs were pretty old!  I love when this happens!  The older a piece is, it just seems cooler you know?

    I went to the local fabric store a couple times and was not going to settle on a pattern till it just seemed perfect.  My sister Andrea spotted it first, but did not say anything and then I saw it and said that is it!  Good minds think alike.  Below is a close up of the chair pad:

    I was very happy with the end result!  Now I have 2 cool and unique chairs to rent out!  I will say probably the hardest thing to do was paint them as the color was so bold I had to be really careful to not get the paint anywhere!  Hope you like them too!


  • April23rd

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    I know this I will say this a lot… but at the moment this IS my favorite chair!  I love the bright gold color and of course paired with my favorite combo: black and white… it pops!  I have 2 of  these chairs and I can just see them making such a presence wherever they are placed.  I also love the history of each item I find.  It was so cool to find out that these chairs were made by Bernhardt!  Which it a upscale furniture line even years back.  I loved this picture so much I have it as my picture for twitter