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  • June25th

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    The Folly

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    I can’t really post photos yet of this event I was lucky to be a part of but I always like to snap a few quick behind the scene photos if I can!  I got the pleasure to work with the lovely Stacie from gatheringsbystacie  and just instantly she was one of my people.  I love when you can just fist meet someone and just get each other!  She did an amazing job on this event and I was just in awe of the property at The Folly.  I posted a couple images on instagram below already but thought I would post them on the blog too:



    I had fun in this area with my props…but I will have to post the set up later…


    This is just the back house on the property… it was full of amazing antiques I could have spent days in it just looking at it all and drooling!


    A quick shot of me before I went back to the property to to take down my props…who says I can’t try to look a little glam while sweating my butt off and lifting furniture????


    Brought a ton of these vintage silver trays to use for the day…



    I was obsessed with this Medusa like planter!  I am hoping to come back here again soon!



  • July25th

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    It all started with a yellow polka dot umbrella.  I was shopping with Jessica Claire on Balboa island and we came across this great find!  Jessica was thinking it may work for her Shootsac shoot coming up for her new summer covers and I said of course I would like to help style it!  I have known Jessica for a few years and she and I love decor and have a lot of the same style… in fact I am IN LOVE with her house, it needs to be in a magazine!  Okay back to the shoot.  She wanted me to help her gather some fun, bright, retro beach items to add to the scene a little with all the models.  We did not want to go overboard, I kept it as simple as possible and added all the items you would have at the day at the beach.  Of course it was not bad that we had some props that really stood out like my favorite yellow end table circa 60′s!  As I am obsessed with details too, I went in search of a couple tiny extra items and stumbled upon some fun pink flamingo straws which happens to be Shootsac’s mascot…perfect!

    Pictured above: Kayte Rose , Sara Frenzel, Smita Malhotra, Nicole Benitez and Kathleen Amelia (no particular order).  The girls were all great and so easy to work with, I enjoyed meeting you all!

    The girls working the new summer covers… (the couple pictured are Elise and Ryan).

    I love each and every one of these shots!  My favorite cover is “Charming”.  Thanks again to Jessica for letting me help on the shoot!

  • July23rd

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    On location

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    Just a quick photo I shot while working with Kingston19photography … a fun shoot with some great  people!

  • June15th


    As I am STILL covered in blue spray paint, I just could not wait to post about my new chairs I made inspired by one of my favorite stores Anthropologie!  I came across the chairs at a flea market and they were in pretty bad shape.  I wish I shot a before picture of them, then you could have really seen the transformation.  Luckily I saw the chair’s potential and new I wanted to go really bright on the color and choose a great fabric that was not so “done”.  The first step was to restructure the chairs (I had 2 of them) since they were a little weak.  Then I worked on the chair pads and WOW did these chairs get cover a lot!  See below:

    Lets talk about how tacky most of the fabric was!  Whew, so glad I saved these poor chairs.  Then when I took off all the covers, I saw the tag and was so surprised to find out that these chairs were pretty old!  I love when this happens!  The older a piece is, it just seems cooler you know?

    I went to the local fabric store a couple times and was not going to settle on a pattern till it just seemed perfect.  My sister Andrea spotted it first, but did not say anything and then I saw it and said that is it!  Good minds think alike.  Below is a close up of the chair pad:

    I was very happy with the end result!  Now I have 2 cool and unique chairs to rent out!  I will say probably the hardest thing to do was paint them as the color was so bold I had to be really careful to not get the paint anywhere!  Hope you like them too!


  • May25th

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    I love old chandeliers and decided this one needed a punch or color!  I tell you, I have never painted one before and it is hard to do!  I kept finding spots that I missed and yes I needed a little assistance.  But it was all worth it in the end, I wish I had a spot for this otherwise I would keep it for myself.  This piece is ready to rent and I am thinking it will be noticed!