Orange County Props
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Ever since I could remember, I loved going to flea markets/garage sales or wherever else to find that unexpected treasure.  It took a bigger form as I got into home decor industry and was able to find display pieces for a couple stores I ran with my mother.  After recently closing a store, we were left with some great pieces and I was not about to sell them!  They still needed to be used I thought and with my love of photography I found the perfect marriage…to rent out my pieces to be props!  I have been on some crazy adventures to find things and this is not a job for the weak- literally!  But the hunt for treasure keeps me going.  My passion is when I take that one special find and put a whole look together!  This excites me to the fullest.  I am starting to collect quite a few pieces whether antique furniture, modern home decor, vintage jackets, to funky signs…just things that are interesting to me!  I feel the void in Orange County area for cool and unique props to rent…so here I am!  Whether for a wedding, style shoot, engagement shoot or special event I want my pieces to inspire!