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  • May10th

    I am SO excited to be posting this shoot today!!!  I have always loved  Victor Sizemore ’s work and was so thrilled to be able to style his mentor workshop this year!  When he told me he wanted to go for 1920′s Paris glamor, my heart may have skipped a beat a little as I am obsessed with this era!  He also wanted to have a throwback to the old fashioned boudoir  shoots that took place in the 1920′s (I will feature in my next post)… I could not wait to get started!  I went everywhere in search of the perfect dress for the outside portion of the shoot.  I did not want to go with just the flapper dress (though I love)… I was looking for a showstopper.  I finally stumbled upon this amazing vintage white feather dress and fell in love with it immediately.  Our model Sarah Scott was so perfect for this dress and with her dancing background she knew how to work it well!  I also added in a vintage necklace that I had Amelia add in as a head piece to add a little drama.  In the end it was cool to see everyone’s take on the shoot… below are a few of my favorite shots of our first model Sarah from the photographers!  Please make sure to check out their websites to see all of the amazing photos!

    I had Victor squeeze in a quick shot here and am just in love with this image…


























    Gwendolyn Tundermann captured the playfulness of the dress so good!  I also threw in my own vintage green ring for this shot…



    Loved this head shot taken by Ann Oleinik












    Thank you to the amazing team who worked together on this shoot!!!!  I will posting more on the workshop in the next few days so please check back!

    Victor Sizemore Photography


    Amelia Cline-Cooper
    Hair and Make-up


    Sarah Scott

    Danielle Wyszomirski



  • September13th

    Fall is just around the corner and I cannot wait!  Just for fun I thought I would share some stuff I am looking forward to:


    First off… my favorite show: New Girl.  I also just LOVE Zoe.


    Leggings, booties and blazers…need I say more?!


    I NEED to find these pants!  I am loving all things sparkly these days…


    Red lips…






  • August23rd

    Fall is near and the smell of Chanel is in the air…sigh.   Fall is by far one of my favorite times of year and also happens to be the peak in fashion.  This is when designers put out the best of the best and set the tone for the rest of the year.  Awhile back ago, I was in the mood to pay tribute to one of my favorite designers who I believe is of course the epitome of chic…the one the only…Chanel.  What girl out there does not worship Chanel?   The images were shot  in film by the talented  Jessica Claire .

    My most favorite shot of the day..a girl and her pearls…

    Chanel shoes…owned by Jessica.

    A Chanel inspired dessert…

    A little splash of color…

    Jessica wanted to add in a boudoir feeling into the shoot…I loved it all!

    Last sexy shot of the day…

    A special thank you to my absolutely stunning friend Emily who modeled for us…and to Jessica Claire for letting us play dress up in her awesome closet!!!


  • June25th

    I have a problem:  I am obsessed with chairs.  I don’t know how to stop the madness except to just admit the fact that I can never have too many!  Check out my new additions….

  • June25th

    The Folly

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    I can’t really post photos yet of this event I was lucky to be a part of but I always like to snap a few quick behind the scene photos if I can!  I got the pleasure to work with the lovely Stacie from gatheringsbystacie  and just instantly she was one of my people.  I love when you can just fist meet someone and just get each other!  She did an amazing job on this event and I was just in awe of the property at The Folly.  I posted a couple images on instagram below already but thought I would post them on the blog too:



    I had fun in this area with my props…but I will have to post the set up later…


    This is just the back house on the property… it was full of amazing antiques I could have spent days in it just looking at it all and drooling!


    A quick shot of me before I went back to the property to to take down my props…who says I can’t try to look a little glam while sweating my butt off and lifting furniture????


    Brought a ton of these vintage silver trays to use for the day…



    I was obsessed with this Medusa like planter!  I am hoping to come back here again soon!



  • April23rd

    When founder of  No One Without Gaston Javurek contacted me to use some of my props and help direct a shoot for his new for purpose apparel company … I was more then ecstatic!  It was for a great cause and I was excited to get a chance to help direct of course!  It was quite a challenging day as we had to chase the rain… but then we were loving it as it added such a cool contrast in the final pictures!  Gotta love those amazing accidents.  Photos were all shot by Nick Holmes…he rocked!  Kelli Dunavant, No One Without’s COO and stylist got all the awesome wardrobe together  and worked with me to coordinate what we wanted to shoot. I want to thank our amazing models as well, braving the rain…and making my job easy!

    Both wing back chairs are mine (they are not pictured on my site).


    I LOVED these shots!  The sky looked so amazing too.  Chairs are mine but the bike was not…though I wished it was!

    This guys mustasche was insane!  And yes it is real…

    I had some fun with this shot.  I threw in some old windows (circa 40′s)…

    …one of the last shots of the day!  I was so in love with all the fall leaves…everyone had so much fun as you can see…no fake smiles necessary .


  • April22nd

    This image was shot by the lovely Lane Ditto a ways back.  I loved this shoot as it was based all around chocolate!  There were lots of awesome vendors that all worked together for this shoot and I just love it when we can all work so well together and it does not seem like work at all…just a bunch of people creating!  I had an awesome assignment this day: to style the chocolate desserts made by Cupcakes Couture MB!  I had kind of played around with the frames the day before and thought how fun it would be to show off the desserts in a fun way.  Shoot  produced by Leila of Be Inspired PR …and was featured on Green wedding shoes.  This was shot last year but again, I will be posting some projects that I never got the chance to put up… oh me oh my!

    This was also a favorite shot of mine.  I was actually wearing my LOVE ring and thought how cute would it be to use in this shoot?  I love to throw in last minute random things…sometimes less thinking is better!


  • April22nd


    …SO it has been quite some time since I have blogged.  I have been asked by so many people, why I have not had any new posts up and I say, well it has been quite a year!  I do feel better when many other vendors have admitted that they can get crazy behind on their blogs…it is because they are working so much they literally have not time and always working on the next project!  Still, no excuses why it has been this long, but I pride myself in always keeping it real and will always continue to do so.

          This last year was amazing.  I was able to work with so many amazing people and was lucky enough to be asked to be a part of some awesome shoots.  As many vendors also know, I did have to split my time with another job and will admit it was hard to juggle at times but I made it happen.  Along with that, I was starting to see a change in what I was being needed for.  I had lots of fun, unique pieces but many brides were needing many more quantities of them.  I completely understood this but I loved having my eclectic mix of props and was noticing I was getting more and more inquiries to do style shoots…which I loved!  It was such a fun way to be absolutely creative and collaborate with other vendors.  Even though I was renting props I was also always up for styling and it was a natural thing because whenever I bought a new piece, I would come up with so many ideas on how to use it!  I started to get asked to not only bring my props but to help style as well.  The more I did it, the more I was knowing this is what I meant to do!  

    I love this journey that I have been on the past 2 years and will continue to just see where it goes… I admit I am a true “Creative-Romantic at heart”.  I still of course have my awesome and funky props and some (that are not even on the site) have never been used…I liked the idea of having some under the radar to keep for special projects ha!  I am a lover of fashion and all things home decor and plan to keep stepping out of the box and cannot wait to see what this year will bring or projects I will be a part of!



  • July26th

    Her wedding was perfect.  She looked perfect.  The day was absolutley  perfect.  I am so happy for my sister Andrea and her new husband Tom.  Here are a couple casual shots I took before her wedding:

    This photo shot from my iphone, even blurry is still pretty to me…


    Trying on her dress…

    The photographer was none other then our close family friend Becker.  He of course took this great photo.  For more images check out his Blog






  • June27th

    Although I am a true lover of all things black… when summer comes around, I do try to bring out some color.  Love the bold colors of this dress and the stripes!